What does your brand say about you?

Your brand is what pops up in your customer's mind when they think of you.

It's how you look, what you're called, how you speak and where you're seen. It's what you sell, the quality you offer, how you do business, and the values your company believes in.

Are you losing potential clients because your branding is missing the mark? Contact me for a free brand review.

Why do I need to use a Graphic Designer?

GOOD design makes you look professional - GREAT design attracts your ideal client.

In the current market you need to have GREAT design to keep ahead and differentiate yourself from your competition.

Design and marketing is time-consuming and best left to the experts. Bonney Douglas Design is not just a design studio but your personal design assistant to help you connect to your customers in the most affordable way.

Ready to Connect?

Engaging an experienced graphic designer is essential for your brand.

Do what you do best, outsource the rest!

You will look professional

It only takes a few seconds for a customer to judge your brand. If your branding is off you run the risk of potential customers passing you by.

I will free up your time

Sometimes the DIY attitude is not always the best course of action. Do you have hours to spend learning a new piece of software, trying to design a logo or a brochure?

I am a good investment

Hire a professional to get your branding right, first time. Hiring an amateur or DIY, means you will more than likely have to re-brand in the future.

Fresh eyes on your business

Sitting down with me may give you a fresh perspective on your business. A good designer will gather your information and create marketing materials that will resonate with your customers.

My promise to you

Personal Attention

I work with you via phone, email or zoom to ensure that I scope out your project accurately.
This ensures the best possible final solution for your design commission.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

I have a variety of pricing models which has been developed to fit most budgets and ensure enough time will be allowed to produce a quality outcome for you.
You know how much to pay upfront, no nasty surprises.


No Penalty for Changes

There's a lot of graphic designers out there and sometimes it's risky to hire one. You might be worried that you may be stuck with something you don't like.
We totally understand - feel free to look through the folio to get a feel for our work and whether it's right for you.

 I also offer a 'no bananas' policy. This means you have 30 days from the first proof to make as many changes as you like, no penalty.
Can't make up your mind? Would like to see your design in different colours or using different fonts?
I get it! Most people aren't sure until they see it. I've got you x

At Bonney Douglas Design,
my goal is to ensure every client walks away with:

• Imagery which reflects their brand's values
• Collateral which appeals to their target market
• A sense of security that they will gain a return on their design investment

Let me show you how to connect with your customers

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